I used a lot of time researching good and reliable suppliers of leather, leathercrafter tools and accessories. There are many more suppliers than I have listed here, and some of those listed only supply retailers (like Horween - but you can buy their goods via i.e. AACrack), some of them have strange "online" payment systems (at least from a Scandinavian perspective - Royalwood is a good example). If you are about to start leathecrafting, maybe the most reasonable way is to try some of the starter kits from Tandy. Later on, when you get more experienced and know what you need (some people I know say they need only a headknife!) you can switch to some professional (and expensive) tools like those from Joseph Dixon or Vergez Blanchard.


Horween Leather Company
Wickett & Craig
Hermann Oak Leather
Tärnsjö Garveri
Granberg Garveri
J & FJ Baker & Co
J&E Sedgwick
Greenhalgh tannery


A&A Crack & Sons
Sheridan Leather
Le Prevo Leathers
Jørn Jensen Lærhandel
C. Hemsen

Tools & misc

C.S. Osborne
Vergez Blanchard
Campbell-Randall machinery
Sheridan leather
Goods Japan
Joseph Dixon
John James needles


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